Hey, boomers!

Welcome to STC:R, a fan-led project to recreate our favourite Sonic the Comic strips with a different artist for each panel. See how you can get involved below!Project lead: AngelBless
Project co-ordinator: Kathy Murdoch
Designer: TheMagicalAnimatron
You can contact us via our Twitter or at stcreillustrated at gmail dot com.

What is Sonic the Comic?

Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated

Sonic The Comic is a UK comic that ran from 1993 to 2002 and was published by Fleetway Editions. It's well known within the Sonic fandom for its unique interpretations of the characters and lore, with the most iconic being Sonic himself and his alter ego, Super Sonic. Over the years it adapted many of the games and introduced many comic-only favourites too.A podcast called Sonic the Comic the Podcast is currently running, revisiting each issue in real time offset by 26 years.

Get involved

We are an inclusive community and we encourage artists of all skill levels to join us. The only requirement is your enthusiasm!We have a mailing list for letting you know when we're opening submissions and other big announcements, which you can sign up for here. We won't spam you and you can be removed at any time.

STC:R #3

Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated Issue 3

Issue 3 is our celebratory issue for STC's 30th anniversary! To mark the occasion we've reillustrated STC Issue #1's Enter: Sonic, where it all started in 1993!Enter: Sonic introduced our favourite blue boy along with Robotnik and several secondary characters that would be developed later in the series, along with establishing that Mobius in STC would be just like the games.Read the full comic here!

STC:R #2

Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated Issue 2

Issue 2 recreates The Origin of Sonic from STC Issue #8.The Origin of Sonic was one of Nigel Kitching's first contributions to STC and was pivotal in setting the direction the comic took for nearly 100 issues. It also adapts Sonic and Robotnik's backstory from the storybook Stay Sonic, which remained crucial to the comic until its very end.Read the full comic here!

STC:R #1

Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated Issue 1

Our first project was recreating Running Wild part 2 from issue #81 of Sonic the Comic.Running Wild is one of the most memorable stories from Sonic The Comic, and is pivotal to major events in the lead up to issue 100’s The Final Victory. Part 2 in particular showcases the fight between Super Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters after his sudden transformation while visiting Porker Lewis on the Floating Island.Read the full comic here!